swimming with the dolphins and whale watching



Dolphin swim: Swim with the wild dolphins in their natural habitat. Amazing boat trip through our coast up to 2-hour duration. You can see and swim with the dolphins who are part of a resident population of a total of 200 bottlenose dolphins. 

Also includes snorkeling in a pristine reef. If conditions are favorable, the boat ride can go all the way up to Techobanine reef, a mother reef, for a snorkeling trip. 


Snorkeling gear and facilitator included.


Whale watching (July to November): This amazing experience, seasonal from July to November allows you to witness this magisterial mammals, the humpback whales!

During the whale migration season, approximately 30 000 humpback whales travel from the Antarctic to give birth in the warm Mozambique waters. It is an observational activity, clients do not get in the water.


Price per person for dolphin swim/whale watching: 2,500 meticais/person





Dolphin swim                                                     Duration

Adult                    2,750 meticais                         2h30

Child (under 12)   2,350 meticais


3 x Dolphin swim package

Adult                    6,800 meticias                         2h30

Child (under 12)   5,800 meticais 


Snorkel trip and turtle adventure

Malongane reef

Adult                     1,850 meticais                        2h00

Child (under 12)    1,720 meticais


Snorkel trip and turtle adventure

Techobanine reef

Adult       2,300 meticias

Child       1,760 meticais                                      2h45


Dolphin swim and whale watching combo special (July-November)

Adult       3,100 meticais

Child       2,650 meticais                                      2h45


Whale watching (July-Nov)

Adult       3,400 meticais                                      2h45

Child       2,800 meticais