Ponta Mamoli sits in a stunning reclusive area where you can enjoy the immensity of the ocean and the lush of the forest.

Just 167 Km south from Maputo, the 2 hour drive brings you through the natural reserve where you can often see elephants, giraffes, impalas, zebras, wildebeest and so many more.


Ponta Mamoli is placed in a National Park. 


One of the most famous snorkeling spots in the area, Frederico Bay, is located in Ponta Mamoli. You don't need a boat, you can just swim from the beach and encounter an amazing variety of sea life like turtles, dolphins and even reef sharks.


In Mamoli you can access local restaurants, such as Trevor, fisherman and chef who caughts and prepares the fresh fish for you.


There are several stalls “Barracas” in Ponta Mamoli where you can find basic groceries and fresh bread. However, at "Jacinto", you can find a wider range of products and a bottle store. 



- Trevor Couta Corner, where you can eat fresh fish, caught, and prepared by the local fisherman. 

- Frederico Bay Restaurant  

- "Barraca da Rainha" if you prefer a very authentic and local experience.