Ponta do Ouro is 16 km/45 min drive from Ponta Mamoli. Ponta do Ouro has several clothing stores, surf wear, supermarkets, fishing store, stalls, bank with ATM and the local market.

- At MOZ MEAT you can find good quality South African meat as well as a range of national and international products. It is located just opposite the BCI bank. 

- Seafood is available at the Fresh Market, to the left of MOZ MEAT or from the street vendors who are located at the same place.


You can also enjoy activities such as diving, snorkeling, swimming with the dolphins, fishing charters.




Ponta Café Restaurant & Bar (Portuguese restaurant with very good seafood)

Love Café Restaurant 

The Melting Pot 

Alex Pizza 

Sapphire Sands

Mama Alice @ local market (pre-booked only)

Lucrécia @ local market

Fernando’s Bar 

Tarragon’s Tea Garden 

Florestinha Do Índico Restaurant & Bar 

Shipwrecked Coco Rico

Mango Café Restaurant 

Pinto’s Beach Bar - Open mic and jam session on Sundays

Ponta Beach Bar

Brazucas Bar

Moz Bevok

Ponta View Restaurant 

Indíco Restaurant

Nice - Ice cream and Milk Bar